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    Yes, there are a million threads on this. But I'm wondering something here.....

    I had Latitude on my first 9930 which promptly nuked at 31 days. I had actually been using Google Maps when my 9810 nuked itself. I found it an interesting coincidence but didn't think much of it.

    I recently went to Greer SC on a business trip. I hadn't loaded Latitude on my 9930. For the trip, I loaded it. My 9930 began to exhibit quirky behaviour - laggy, trackpad being slightly unresponsive. Long story short, by Tuesday the lagginess on the trackpad was pronounced and I'd suddenly had the phone spontaneously rebooting. Ultimately, the phone nuked.

    Given the symptoms with the odd trackpad behaviour it almost seemed like a database corruption issue. I'm wondering....could it have been that the use of Latitude corrupts the db in OS 7 devices?

    I'm wondering whether anyone out there with a nuked OS 7 device was using Latitude. I ultimately got the 9930 back and it's running fine now. Won't be loading Latitude on it....I've got it on my Skyrocket and my Atrix.
    02-10-12 04:04 AM