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    today at 2pm(malaysia time) i went to my distributor to get new replacement(it's a second replacement) due to my 9900 not even at the bottom and my keypad "Y" need to press a little harder. after i got the replacement device, after test and so on, i didn't know that my navigation key (answer, menu, back, end call) have a big gap between the cover and the board. need to went back to my distributor, and what makes it terrible they have 4 new replacement device at that time and all devices have the same gap but different sizes. i chose the smallest gap and i thought it was fine. the worst part is that replacement device that i chose have faulty also. Trackpad auto scroll. the lady try to assist me by updating the device and hope that the trackpad is okay, but still the same. she said that to me that i need to wait due to they have to send all the replacement device to BlackBerry Singapore and need to call their warehouse to get new replacement for me.

    for you guys information, all replacement devices are in 2nd batch from Hungary. the question is, is it the 2nd batch phone are terrible due to my experience, it's a yes and what country is the best made for BlackBerry

    can you guys give me suggestions for this problem?

    can i get refund or get device that equivalent with the Bold 9900 price? can i ask that?

    because of why, i'm very tired about this, everytime i got problem with my bold 9900, i need to go within my work time.
    01-08-13 11:00 AM

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