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    Hey guys, does anyone know if the 9900 will be released (whenever that is) worldwide simultaneously? I'm leaving the UK for Japan in September so was hoping to pick one up before I go.

    Also FYI, I called my carrier O2 UK today to see if they have any info. The CSR told me he checked the stock report and it is not currently listed, explaining this meant the phone will definitely not be released (by O2 UK at least) at least for another month, as the stock report lists new devices only up to a month in advance. He also said that he expects the phone to be released in Canada and the States before anywhere else, so predicted a UK release time from of approximately Aug-Sept.
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    Nope. (inserting filler for ten character minimum)
    06-16-11 07:54 AM
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    an informed mushroom!?!

    surley they wouldn't get any stock in before pre orders have started as it will indicate how many they need. so thats obvious. unless it goes straight to market?

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