1. AlexJH1992's Avatar
    Every morning I wake up to find out that my 9900 won't turn on, the trackpad lights up and then the led red light comes on, I then have to do a battery pull and once the phone loads up its ok, but its annoying because when the phone crashed during the night it stops charging the phone, so sometimes I have 10% battery left even though it was on charge all night. I donwant to have to take this phone to vodafone, its already my 7th one!
    03-14-12 03:40 AM
  2. LordCrankypants's Avatar
    Have you tried throwing your phone on the charger an hour or two before bed, and then taking it off before you go to bed and using the auto on/off feature?

    03-14-12 06:12 AM
  3. MikeLip's Avatar
    OK, that's bizarre. The first thing that popped into my head is that for some reason bedside mode is crashing the phone. Assuming it is going into that mode, that is. If it is, I would exit bedside mode as soon as it starts and see if it's still alive in the morning. That's the only thing that changes when you put it on charge.

    If that fixes it, it's still not *right* of course. But it's a workaround.
    03-14-12 06:49 AM