1. rubiohiguey's Avatar
    I have been toying around loading various 7.1 OS (I was happy on 267 but decided to see which of newer releases might "do it" for me)... my process is usually to uninstall old and then install newer OS on Win 7, wipe BB with BBSAK and install new OS via Loader.

    I have been noticing that when I do BBSAK wipe, everything wipes BUT email setup. When I load new OS, my email is already SET UP???? yes that's right when I go to the Setup icon after new fresh OS loads up, even before restoring anything I have "1 email account" already set up (one and only I use via BIS).

    I recall that during Loader OS install I always click option "email setup" (grouped along with Facebook and Google Talk)...does that set up my email somehow by communicating with RIM BIS during the install process and RIM sends my last known email setup settings to the device? Because I cannot come up with a different explanation. What goes on? BBSAK should have wiped out everything, right?
    05-13-12 01:12 PM
  2. marcin.warmuz's Avatar
    Actually this is what happens because email address that you have set up is linked to your BIS account that is in turn linked to your phone number. So as soon as you start your phone and it registers with your mobile network it pulls this information from BIS.
    05-13-12 01:21 PM