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    I sent my tmobile 9900 back and switched back to monthly prepay about $50 cheaper a month. Now looking at a tmobile 9900 that is unlocked but is new. Would it work on my prepay account with tmoble? Once it's unlocked would I still be able to use all it's features on T-mobile? Also would like to relock it so I can't screw it up. Can that be done or is it best to leave it unlocked?

    Before I buy it would like to know asap. If you happen to know please PM me so I can go with the purchase. Thanks.
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    03-09-12 03:58 PM
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    Did you already start a thread about this?

    03-09-12 04:52 PM
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    If you want to use the pone on tmobile and the phone you will get unlocked is a tmobile branded one, I don't see why it will not work.

    Regrading relocking. There is no way to relock the phone. Some users here may argue that it is secure to have the network lock because if someone steals the phone it will be hard to unlock it once you reported stolen. But I saw a documentary where a CBC reporter successfully unlocked a "reported stolen" phone in Canada.

    If you are a traveler, it is better to have it unlocked. To me, it is a benefit to have an unlock phone than other way around.
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    03-09-12 05:03 PM
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    Did you already start a thread about this?

    Thanks for pointing this out... OP, please try to avoid creating million threads for your issues. I spend a lot of time on crackberry and I always search before I create a thread.
    03-09-12 05:05 PM
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    Once unlocked, stays unlocked. No need to worry will not affect your TMO features/services.
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    03-09-12 06:42 PM
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    I did go down the list of existing threads, none covered my topic; so, I posted a seperate thread. When I have posted a new thread have checked the lists of existing threads when I do and have posted my questions as replies when I found a relevant thread.

    I'm going to continue my search for a used 9900 that is from t-mobile so the texting works on it. They use 1700 band for texting from what I've read.
    03-09-12 10:40 PM
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    If you purchase a T-Mobile branded device, it will work FINE on it's own network, even if it is unlocked.
    You only need to worry about the frequency bands if you were using it on another network.

    Texting, calling and everything else will work!
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    03-10-12 01:33 AM
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    I bought a new unlocked 9900 (T-mobile) from Amazon. Thanks for the information in the replies.
    03-10-12 08:34 AM