1. wdwms's Avatar
    Got the 9900 on Sunday at an AT&T store. So far I've got my gripes about the phone and I've got good list of positives. One of those negatives however is the wifi. It is not holding a signal in locations where other devices in my house do just fine. What is really odd is that its dropping the wifi and it can't connect back with out a reboot.

    I've tried it on my G network, and my N network.. same. My ipod touch has full strength in my right hand and in my left is my 9900 with no connectivity.

    When it does connect, i look down and see 3-4 wifi bars.. Pick it up, and its down to 1 bar. (Antenna gate?!)

    4G is not an issue getting maxed out at -77db there, i've read this is the highest it will go. Call clarity is fantastic.

    Suspect a bad unit, but anyone else having similar issues? Its on .440, upgrading to .474 now to see if it helps.
    11-08-11 12:41 PM
  2. LOY80Y's Avatar
    i have a similar issue where i get minimal to no wifi signal on my bold 9900 and my iphone 4 has 3 steady bars. tried reconfiguring my wifi settings. changed channels, etc. also have another wifi router and still the same.
    11-21-11 06:36 PM
  3. albee 1's Avatar
    My gf and I are using the newest Linksys wifi in her house ($59) for the last few months, she has a 4s. We have had zero issues the entire time. My 9930 has definately got a weaker signal than her iphone but she only beats me by about 20 feet. I can walk outside about 25 feet away from the router with the door closed and still have great signal. Even when I am 35 feet away with just a dot for signal it still performs very well. I have read other posts that mentioned the 99xx series works best on newer wireless routers. I don't know if it will help but you guys might try out your wifi on some elses system or even a place that has free wifi just to help you narrow it down. Keep us posted if you find out anything new. Best of luck.

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    11-21-11 09:22 PM
  4. abesabes3rd's Avatar
    Same issue here. I use to have full bars on my bold 9870 in my bedroom which is adjacent to the computer room. now i only have 2 wifi bars and if i got to the far side of my bedroom... literally 3 steps further away from my router's direction (which would be about 2o ft from my router), the signal drops out! My psp, my laptop, my sister's ipod touch and my ps3 all have good signal at that distance.
    11-29-11 01:58 AM