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    My 9900 keeps spontaneously disconnecting from my home wifi network, and also when i go out and come back home it won't automatically pick the network up until i go into the wifi settings and refresh the network list. it's not the wifi itself as I have other things connected to it and they're fine. any ideas anyone? Thanks
    09-24-11 03:23 PM
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    It is the wifi router, in the sense that your device and your router aren't getting along.

    Even if 3 other devices work, every router can have different compatibility issues with various devices.

    Upgrade the router firmware. If that doesn't work then its probably just the router compatibility.

    If you go connect to an open wifi network somewhere else does it randomly disconnect? It probably won't...

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    09-24-11 03:36 PM
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    Thanks, do you know how I can check what os my phone is currently using? I'm a bit of a novice with this sort of thing!
    09-24-11 03:53 PM
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    Go to options, device, about device versions.

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    09-24-11 08:01 PM