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    Recently I posted a couple of threads regarding white Blackberry's and later builds being a possible solution to the wave of problems with the 9900.

    Nobody seemed to take my point on board and I was told that my phone will soon brick and the software I was using was crap and old and would crash etc.

    Well I am still waiting!!

    I have not updated the software since I first got the phone and have had no issues after weeks of continuous use Why is this?

    I have seen so many groans on here about the 9900, and yet mine wont brick and the battery lasts 2 days or more!

    If it is a software issue mine should be affected too right?

    I think the earlier builds of the phone were faulty and this have now been corrected.

    Also I believe that charging the phone a few times fully settles it down as this is what I did with mine before using it extensively!

    Rim have created a great phone!

    your comments please.
    11-29-11 10:46 PM
  2. Masahiro's Avatar
    I've had no issues with mine. In fact, any issues I've had seemed to have corrected themselves over time. At first, I had a wonky lock button that I was about to go get an exchange for, but that went away after a week or so. Second, my convenience key was acting up for about a month across multiple OS builds, but that's gone now too. Overall, I currently have no issues with my 9900, and thus, no one has to die.
    11-29-11 10:56 PM
  3. nubgen's Avatar
    Mine hasn't bricked either. *knocks on wood* on stock .261. Here too many problems updating the OS.
    11-29-11 10:57 PM
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    I have to agree with you on this one... I never had random reboots or I never got nuked or bricked. I have a early built one because I got it the day it was released in Canada. This is my third phone, but long story short, I exchanged my two other units during the first four days after buying it due to hardware issues. But, I have a feeling that the RAM physical memory they used on my current one of over few months (since the day it was released in Canada minus four days) may be different from rest of the other batches.

    My battery life however was improved with OS 7.1 and the OS Telus edition gave me about 6 AM to 12 PM, but now I this phone can go from 6 AM to next day 6 AM until it drops to 5% where I recharge. I never had a auto reboot at low battery levels either.

    I think RIM is sugar coating the issue by saying that all of these problems are OS issues.
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    11-29-11 10:57 PM
  5. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    The issue with the 9900 is about as software related as the problems with the 9630's trackballs were software related.
    11-29-11 11:14 PM