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    Alright here is my story....

    Back in June 2010, I joined Sprint and purchased the HTC Evo on launch day. I was incredibly excited. It had all the specs I wanted, looked great, and I do like Android's operating system.

    By the way, I was coming from AT&T and the HTC Fuze (fun phone to hack). The Fuze was my first smartphone.

    Anyway, things started off well. Great reception, screen, fun to use, and it changed the way I did a lot of things. I guess you could say it was my first true smartphone experience (windows mobile barely counted).

    Now, almost in February of 2011, I am on my sixth Evo. SIXTH. Now, I have to admit, I am pretty bad with phones, but, with the Evo, I babied the thing. I always had it in a case. I kept having major malfunctions and they told me it "water damage" or broken micro usb ports. The broken usb port thing happened FOUR times. Serious design flaw in the phone. In any case, these replacements have really annoyed me because they set me back $100 a pop.

    ...But, I was ok with the sixth unit. It was charging fine and all of the Evo's original perks were on full display as expected. The Evo as a product itself has aged quite well....Then my touch screen started acting spotty, jumping around, calling people, and not switching between screens, particularly in Gmail. Haptic feedback stopped work as well as the vibration function. Additionally, I was dropping calls regularly and the speakerphone was poor on all of my Evo units. Pretty much, the Evo was failing as a communication device.

    Frustrated and disappeared, I started looking through my replacement options. I am a big tech nerd and was ready to try something new rather than go for replacement unit number seven. The obvious candidates were the iPhone 4s; however, I actually am one of the few people who doesn't love iOS and I am not using Apple's ecosystem. Looked at the various Android phones, but none of them really struck my fancy.

    ....Then I took a closer look at the Blackberry Bold 9930 when I was at the Sprint store discussing my replacement options with their salesman. The web browser was miles better than I had been led to believe, keyboard was great, and the styling is obviously wonderful. Its size didn't hurt either since my Evo kind of bulges in my pocket.

    Of course, I wondered whether it would fit my communication needs.

    - Texting (check)
    - Emailing (check)
    - Pandora (check)
    - Web browsing (surprisingly, check)
    - Better speakerphone (check)

    Pretty much, I just want my phone to work correctly as a phone for the first time in a while and the Bold 9930.

    But here is what really sold me...THE PLAYBOOK

    I know people like to hate on the Playbook, but I pretty much bought into the Bold 9930 the way Blackberry's sales people were hoping the mass population would.

    I absolutely love the way the devices sync up and how the 9930 allows my Playbook to essentially be a 3G Playbook.

    Right now, I am extremely pleased. Yes, I will miss the big screen of the Evo, the great web browsing experience it provides, and its camera; however, I am happy to be using a 9930 and hoping it allows me to actually communicate successfully - a thing the Evo hasn't allowed me to do in a while.

    However, I do have a question - is there any method to transfer texts from my Evo to my 9930?
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    Welcome to the 99xx club! It will take some getting used to the smaller screen but for what you described you want in a device, the 9930 is a great choice.
    01-30-12 05:48 PM
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    Congrats on your new BB! I use it also for heavy communication, you will love it!
    01-30-12 06:41 PM
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    I have my default font size on my browser set at 21. That makes it a lot easier to look at. I went from a evo and 8350i to iphone4 and 8350i to iphone4 and 9900. I hardly ever use the iphone 4 now. Its usually on call forwarded.Gotta love and trust the email. I frequently have emails to the iphone4 that never show up or are late.Congrats on the berry
    01-30-12 09:04 PM
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    I had an Evo and then a Motorola XPRT before I came to the 9930. I switched to the XPRT because I was tired of the onscreen keyboard on the EVO. I will say that the Evo was great for hacking around and there was a tremendous developer community. The XPRT was a solid phone but when the 9930 came out I jumped on it because the keyboard is so much better and the physical profile of the phone is so attractive.
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    01-30-12 09:41 PM
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    i am from a Nexus S to 9900 with in 2 months time

    just hate the on screen keyboard and the recording in nexus s sucks
    and now 9900 for me, everything is great
    01-30-12 11:12 PM
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    I am extremely glad to hear of a positive experience with a transition from an Evo to the 9930 because I will be buying a 9930 next week, and coming from an Evo as well. I miss my keyboard and trackpad. Now I can buy in confidence and not feel like I wasted $500.

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    01-31-12 03:11 AM