12-07-11 05:24 AM
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    Megapixels are not the be all end all. If you think they are then you should really look more into technology in cameras. A 5MP camera is more than enough to produce great looking pictures while maintaining some kind of reasonable file size.
    Not to mention that most pictures taken with phone cams will be viewed on computer or mobile device screens, rather than being printed on photo paper. The resolution of good quality computer screens is generally under 3 MP, which means that a 5 MP photo won't fit onto most screens anyway.

    My office computer has a 1280x1024 ViewSonic monitor. It's a nice monitor, but that's only 1.3 MP. My wallpaper is a photo I took about 8 years ago with a 3.2 MP camera. It looks beautiful, but of course had to be scaled down to fit onto the screen. The only alternative to downscaling is cropping, and both involve throwing away pixels.

    Granted, it's good to have more MP on your camera than you need for computer display, especially to get a better result with digital zoom, which is essentially crop-and-enlarge. But 5 MP should be adequate for most purposes.

    So, unless you're going for quality large prints on photo paper, that 8 MP image that you send to someone, which drains your battery in taking it and sending it, will end up with a large percentage of its megapixels being zapped so that the recipient can view it. This is "high end"?

    The case for auto-focus makes sense. Even though good close-up photos can be taken with the EDoF camera, by people who know what they're doing, it's unquestionably easier to do with AF. I'm not sure that it's worth it, since I've had plenty of photos ruined by blurring due to AF lag, but I understand why people want it. But if I had to say which "high end" improvement I'd prefer in a BB camera, or any other 5 MP phone cam, it wouldn't be more MP. It'd be better optics. Even a slightly larger lens, of good quality, could improve photos much more than just shoehorning more MP in.
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    11-30-11 01:01 PM
  2. ChainofThought's Avatar
    I very happy with my 9930 cam take amazing pic!
    11-30-11 01:03 PM
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    it takes good landscape type pics, but it's not so great for taking photos of products or anything that needs to be seen up close in detail. Just wondering if there were some way that a software patch could remedy the auto focus issue. would there be some way for software to approximate an autofocusing lens?
    12-06-11 09:59 PM
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    Me too I'm very happy with my 9900's camera, amazing videos and perfect pictures.
    I don't care if it makes bad closeup pictures, if i ever going to need closeups then my Sony point/shoot will get out of my desk draw
    12-06-11 10:31 PM
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    To all users, it will help ALOT if you change it into the "Text Mode" and then put your device furthur apart from the item you want to take, then zoom. works better than taking your device from upclose!! :-) Just an advice for those who don't know.
    12-07-11 05:24 AM
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