01-11-13 03:30 AM
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  1. misbah_786's Avatar
    Do you think its worth having one on, do you tend to buy the premium branded ones? . Or the cheap no branded ones?
    11-02-12 10:49 PM
  2. rkcmd's Avatar
    I'm using the one that came with my otterbox. Gives me that feeling of protection. It's one less thing you'll worry about. Worth it.
    11-02-12 11:16 PM
  3. jacobb9810's Avatar
    I'd say get one. I have one on my phone, and I'm glad. I dropped it on the ground outside one time and the screen protector had a huge gouge in it. Peeled it off and the screen was unharmed. You can get them on amazon for practically nothing, so you might as well.

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    11-02-12 11:30 PM
  4. ryshhh's Avatar
    I've got one on my everyday 9900, the spare 9810 doesn't have one.

    It wasn't cheap, but wasn't too expensive. It was about 10 dollars. I still keep the BB in my pocket all by itself!

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    11-02-12 11:36 PM
  5. Morten's Avatar
    Do you think its worth having one on, do you tend to buy the premium branded ones? . Or the cheap no branded ones?
    go nude...
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    11-02-12 11:44 PM
  6. 20degrees's Avatar
    I use one. The Realook ones from amazon. They're the best brand you can get. 2 for $10 and they include the back camera cover too.
    11-02-12 11:47 PM
  7. BarnacleGoose's Avatar
    I am using the one that came with my Otterbox. I am pretty hard on my phone, so it is definitely worth it to have!
    11-03-12 01:31 AM
  8. berriac's Avatar
    I've never ever used any screen protector for any device. For BB I prefer using Holster.
    11-03-12 02:25 AM
  9. Mojave's Avatar
    When I purchased my Bold 9930 from Verizon I also purchased a screen protector right there at the store. Would never be without one!
    11-03-12 08:49 AM
  10. Bonnie Bonzai's Avatar
    Do you think its worth having one on, do you tend to buy the premium branded ones? . Or the cheap no branded ones?
    Hi I did have one on my 9900 for about 2 months but I found the clarity of the screen really diminished so I ended up pulling it off. (It was one made for BB) now I just have a hard skin for my phone and I'm careful with it.
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    11-03-12 11:48 AM
  11. linuxbbm's Avatar
    I do, and it was worth installing
    Cause i can see little scratches on it now but glad not on the screen
    11-03-12 11:56 AM
  12. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    I always use screen protectors for my phones, mostly the higher quality ones. Right now I'm using a 3M Vikuity one.

    Taking a look at my work phone, which has a Gorilla Glass display but not protector, I just know why. The screen already has quite some microscratches all over the place - even though the fabulous Gorilla Glass is used there.
    11-03-12 12:43 PM
  13. o4liberty's Avatar
    I never use a screen protector this is the very reason I pay for insurance.

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    11-03-12 05:58 PM
  14. calles's Avatar
    I put a Zagg on mine ...for me it's worth it because I can't stand getting scratches anywhere on my phone, especially the screen.
    11-03-12 08:52 PM
  15. ChrisT77's Avatar
    I am using and Galaxy S3 Flip Cover in my S3 great stuff. It keeps my phones safer than the original that has no protection accessories on it.

    Here is that thing looks like.

    who has a screen protector on?-beafpi.jpg
    11-03-12 08:57 PM
  16. chautime's Avatar
    +1 for the screen protector. You get what you pay for. If you find the protector interferes with visual clarity or the touch sensitivity of the screen, then you didn't get a good quality one. I always use a screen protector but otherwise my phone is nude.
    11-04-12 01:56 AM
  17. engmoessam's Avatar
    Of course i am using one for the 9900. It is essential. I ve already changed it 3 times until now and my screen still as new.
    11-04-12 02:01 AM
  18. filoinstyle's Avatar
    it's something I will do the first time I take a handset out from the box. I always use anti glare ones on all I my devices which gives them a clean and better look.
    11-04-12 02:09 AM
  19. mhw100's Avatar
    I hate even the top quality anti glare or privacy protectors due to the degradation on clarity. I will use a clear protector from time to time but 90% of the time it's in a suit jacket and unwarranted.
    11-04-12 02:21 AM
  20. fabio984's Avatar
    I always use screen protectors on my phones. you can get it on eBay. Pack of 10 screens for 1pound
    I had an 9800 with a scratch and i hate it everytime i look to the screen.
    11-04-12 07:40 AM
  21. 416to604's Avatar
    I don't use a screen protector and I don't have any scratches or blemishes on my screen. I am careful not to put my phone in pockets with keys or coins though.
    11-04-12 06:59 PM
  22. Raptors_Inception95's Avatar
    I've had one on my phone since day 1, especially useful when you're in the construction field. Case and protector, phone looks brand new.
    11-04-12 09:23 PM
  23. otacon's Avatar
    I never had a BB without a screen protector installed. It's just something less to worry about during my normal daily usage of the phone.
    11-05-12 04:43 AM
  24. filoinstyle's Avatar
    I wish I can protect my phone with a case too and not just a screen protector unfortunately there's no such cases for it yet
    11-05-12 06:04 AM
  25. study_lady's Avatar
    The first time I always do after taking the phone out from the box is putting the screen protector on it. It's really worth it as it protects the screen from scratches.
    11-05-12 06:19 AM
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