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    Around 1030a EST I thought to myself, self; your 9930 is awfully quiet for this time of day. So I reached into my pocket and pulled my beloved device out. To my horror I was looking at the dreaded "white screen of death". So, I did what any self respecting 9930 user would do in a room full of iPhone users, I panicked. I ran from the conference room and hit the hallway for some alone time with the 9930. Step one, look around for BB Haters before making a move; Step two, pull the battery. I left the battery out for over 90 seconds and then reinserted. What happened next was beyond any behavior I have seen a modern day BlackBerry display before. That being said, I have only been a White Screen victim 3 times before(all of which where a direct result of my decision to load questionable 3rd party apps). The screen remained all white, with the exception of the old school hour glass(not the clock) in the middle of the screen. It remained like this for about 10 minutes before it flickered and began the normal boot sequence. After another 10 minutes of "normal" booting my 9930 turned on! While it was back on, I had lost all icon arrangement and customizations. I was however still receiving BES emails. So I figured easy fix, I'll just reactivate my account to the BES and my icons will be restored. No go. Whatever happened on the device, completely deleted my user profile on the BES......as well as causing BES to recommend a manual reboot. So anyway, long story for a simple question. Do I wipe the 9930 completely and reload the OS directly from the App Loader? Or do I just keep on keeping on and reload nothing? Side note, in the midst of my panic, I did purchase a new 9930 from VZW that will be delivered this week.

    So the question remains, to reload or not to reload? Please help. Please advise.

    9930/ (B1739)

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    11-05-11 06:10 AM
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    I would definitely wipe completely and reload. I believe it may have been caused by a third party app.
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    11-05-11 06:50 AM