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    I own 9930 with King "Resurrection" for OS7. This hybrid seems to be a best hybrid for 9930, and it is right for me. When I use this OS, my discharge rate is from 1.5-2% at idle. However, yesterday, my battery suddenly goes bad. I still remember that I started charging my phone when the battery is about 50%, and I let it charged in about 2 hours. When I plug it off, my battery drain so fast. At idle, it is about 4% when idle but when I use it for EDGE, it may jump to over 10%.

    I tried to up the same ROM again, but the battery isn't better. I drains so fast, even when I don't use it.

    Could someone help me? I don't know the reason why? It could be my battery goes bad, or my phone "eats" energy so much.

    Btw, is soft reset using Alt+A+Del good or bad. Because when I charging my phone, I do soft reset 3-4 times, and I suspect that is is the reason why my battery goes bad.
    02-02-12 03:13 AM