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    What's wrong: a dead battery image at the boot-up-foto_zpsa991b937.jpg

    Few hours ago I've just took out the battery off my Bold 9900 for the usual reboot routine, put it back in while the charger is plugged in, and then there's this dead battery image shown at the boot-up. The Bold 9900 won't start, and it stays that way no matter what buttons I pushed.

    I know the battery is still good, bought a new one a couple of months ago when I received the replacement unit (my old Bold 9900 was suddenly death), it has a solid battery life and I never overcharged it or leave it charged at night.

    I could turn it back on by simply yanked the battery out and put it in again, but I'm just curious was that dead battery image means one of these:
    1. A battery fault?
    2. The unit (Bold 9900) is broken?
    3. The charger is broken?
    07-10-14 05:40 AM
  2. zehkaiser's Avatar
    I would avoid plugging it in without a battery in it. It probably just confused the phone because it tried to charge the battery when nothing was there. Remove the charger and battery, then put the battery in. Once it starts booting plug it back in.

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    07-10-14 05:43 AM
  3. Joe Clean's Avatar
    Yup I guess that's the problem, thanks zehkaiser.
    07-11-14 12:34 AM

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