03-15-12 04:51 AM
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  1. dlrogers81's Avatar
    I use mine for calls, texting, emails, web browsing, media, games, etc..I've had different devices but BB always does it best for me.

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    03-13-12 07:52 PM
  2. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    Phone calls, email, messaging, taking the odd picture or video, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, checking sports scores, and in a pinch browsing the web.
    03-13-12 08:14 PM
  3. linuxbbm's Avatar
    sometimes i feel like im two people in one.

    on one hand, i love the thought of being able to customize a phone down to the last minute detail. i like the idea of having the latest and greatest, the top of the line in gadgets.

    More than ANYTHING though (and this is the other person talking) i like not having to think about my phone. At the end of the day my phone is a tool i use to get through the day. I dont want to have to make sure it hasnt turned off. i dont want to make sure that i tapped the right part of the screen, or that my tap registered to end that call. i dont like having to get a custom OS to get the most out of my phone. i DEFINITELY dont like to have to turn the screen on to see if i have any missed calls, messages or emails.

    Cellhpnes are literally my life, i sell them day in and day out. Because of that I have the privilege of being able to try out any phone i want. I had the backflip when it first hit at&t...POS. Granted, it was at&t's first android phone but it really soured the experience for me. We were in the process of opening a new store, and my gf was out of town. the day all the pieces were to come together ended up being the day my gf flew in from out of town.

    So here i am driving to the airport which automatically becomes hectic and automatically hits you with a sense of urgency.

    The sign company, and the electrician wanted to be there at the same time, since the sign was lit and they wanted to cooperate on it. we figured we'd get the carpet guy there too and knock out 3 birds with one stone. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and this was no exception. The electrician showed up first and the sign guy was apparently nowhere to be found. so the electrician is calling me asking where the sign guy is, the sign guy calls me next and im trying to answer by sliding that stupid thing and i slide and slide but cant answer. i have to take my eyes off the road and i still cant slide it right. well i end up missing the call. i ask the electrician to let me callh im back and try the sign guy, but by this time (i assume) hes called the electrician so i get no answer. So i call the electrician back and he confirms that yes, the sign guy called him and we start to talk about some of the details. So THEN my boss is callin wanting to know where the the sign guy is. As im explaining the sign guy beeps in. Keep in mind im losing my mind because i keep missing these calls since i cant get the slide to answer down. Lastly, my gf calls me to let me knows she just touched down, as shes doing this the electrician is calling because he didnt know the carpet guy was coming and wants to verify. a few missed calls later im explaining it all to the boss again when then sign guy calls and the phone just locked up

    it had had enough and so had i. i switched back to the 9700 as soon as i pulled up to the airport

    fast forward a few months, im trying out the captivate. gps is a known issue, mms is flaky, and i constantly get the yellow/orange triangle like i did on the backflip. the one that asks me to sign back in to email email almost daily.

    screw that, i go to a 9800

    fast forward another few months. my co-worker and i close up the store, after having put up some new decorations. Halfway home my 9800 starts ringing, its the boss. the alarm is going off. as we're discussing it the boss's son beeps in, he tells me the same thing. next my coworker beeps in, he says the boos just called him and the alarm is going off, i tell him i know the boss AND his son just called me. next the alarm company rings in, i tell them i am aware and am turning around. boos calls back and asks if im there yet...i JUST found out, im turning around! boss's son beeps in a echos his dad, so i echo myself. all this happened in the span of 3 minutes and the torch handled it like a champ.

    the most ******** thing was that the boss and his son we're sitting right beside each other. W.....T.....F.....

    later i tried the atrix, which just felt odd and had the same problem the other two did, always asking me to log in, dropping the internet connection at random...

    The dell streak was nice but had an issue where it wouldnt always recognize your slide to unlock. i had 3 of those streaks (one white), all had that issue.

    The Galaxy S II was nice but i misspelled at LEASt one word in EVERY text. It also had a super weak vibrate and i found myself having to turn the screen on to see if any texts had come in. Also, i used this one on a seperate line and still kept my torch active. my brother took a picture of my niece at my house and emailed it to me, the torch got it instantly (Sunday 7pm), the Galaxy S II got it at 11:45 am Monday...

    Im not some super duper business man at a fortune 500 company. i dont NEED instant access to email but its nice to have. I LOVE that the keyboard is second nature. I love that my device WORKS when i need it, even if its not super flashy.

    I actually LIKE that it isnt super flashy. I leave my torch and now my 9900 all over the counters at work and noone ever takes them!

    Thats why i love my BlackBerry

    edit: forgot to tie back in to the first part. I like that i CAN customize my phone, it IS top of the line and it IS the latest and greatest, but I still dont have to THINK about it.
    Thank you so very much, hahah it was so fun to read all that
    03-15-12 04:15 AM
  4. linuxbbm's Avatar
    What do I use my BlackBerry for? Not a lot cuz the battery keeps dying
    That's not true? maybe you have a faulty battery?
    03-15-12 04:18 AM
  5. linuxbbm's Avatar
    I use it for my life.
    Exactly, thats what i bought mine for
    03-15-12 04:22 AM
  6. BBFTW88's Avatar
    Communicating, browsing the web on the move, tracking my cycling and social networking
    03-15-12 04:51 AM
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