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    Somewhere a long time ago I read that from time to time you should do the following:
    While on the home screen....hold the alt key and press L-G L-G. A list appears, then hit menu and choose clear log- delete. I have done and just wondered what this is cleaning up and just how beneficial is this?
    Does the BB automatically do this during a restart or battery pull?
    I have checked memory before and after doing this and I do pick up a few bits of memory.

    09-28-11 09:15 AM
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    This deletes your Event Log, which is only a 400kb file.

    In the early days, when BB's had very little memory, it was beneficial to do this... but not any more.

    The Event Log is constanly updating in the background, and even after being deleted, will be full again within a few minutes. Once full, older logs are replaced with newer ones, but the file will never exceed 400kb in size... a drop in the ocean on newer BB's.

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    09-28-11 09:32 AM
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    ^^ was also wondering too
    Thanks phil

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    09-28-11 10:37 AM