1. joeysayegh's Avatar
    Im going to be on an overseas data plan with verizon. Im allowed 6mb a day. If i stay away from the browser completely. How many bbms and emails will fit my 6mb allowance? I mainly bbm with propably about 5-10 emails....how much emails/bbm's will fit 6mb?

    Side note- on the blackberry news app, if i just refresh the news feed without looking at the full article, will that consume alot of data?
    01-10-12 10:47 PM
  2. xtremez's Avatar
    6MB is quite alot actually!

    Maxis (my carrier in Malaysia), used to only give us 5MB data cap to last for a month. So i used data sparingly and it barely dented the cap. Now there's 250MB and honestly, i'll still way off.

    Data compression rocks! Never had complains that I exceeded quota unlike iOS, Android and probably WP7 users too
    01-10-12 10:59 PM
  3. ignites's Avatar
    6mb is a lot thats roughly 180 a month. If you pick up wifi for browsing unless you get 100 emails (and even if you do i think u're still in the clear).

    bbm is almost nothing in term sof data usage

    edit: on a slow day i use less than 6 mbs lol
    01-10-12 11:32 PM
  4. Deathcommand's Avatar
    BBM can work over Wifi.
    So remember that.
    01-11-12 12:27 AM
  5. kjjb0204's Avatar
    MB or mb? They are very different......
    01-11-12 04:12 PM