1. Colorwolfy's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Today I just did a security wipe that included both the contacts and application on my BB 9900. I later logged onto my computer on Live Messenger and noticed many of my friends are not online. Upon contacting them on Facebook, I noticed I lost a lot of contacts on my contact list.

    I am now trying to track down which contact has been deleted and it is a pain in the rear. Not all contacts are removed, only some of them. I synced my hotmail and gmail contact onto the BB, but only the hotmail contacts are affected.

    I have twitted it to @BlackBerryHelp but have no received a respond yet. Be warned should you plan on doing any security wipe.
    09-26-11 05:51 PM
  2. Chrisy's Avatar
    Bummer. Sorry for the hassle. I wonder if this would also happen of using Google Sync for contacts. It would wipe contacts from the phone, would it then sync with Google account and clear them there?
    09-26-11 05:54 PM
  3. Colorwolfy's Avatar
    I logged in to my google account and looked up the contacts, it looks like the whole list is intact, only my hotmail contacts were affected
    09-26-11 05:56 PM