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    Hey all I'm pretty much and blackberry guy all out.. My friends may diss it but the phone suites me nice plus I'm not a app heavy person and do enjoy bbm. My first blackberry was the storm which stopped charging on me after 2 years so deciding to upgrade I also decided touch scrEen was not for me so I got the Curve 8530... That turned out to be a downgrade and I should had gotten the 9650 instead lol.. Now its time to upgrade again and I planned on getting it right this time with the bold 9930 on Verizon. However I've decided to wait it out first to see the kinks and problems get worked out on this phone... I hear mostly about the bricking and battery issue which has caused me to think about the 9790 coming too but I don't think verizons picking that up. I do need to say goodbye to this old OS5 carrying curve and upgrade so I should just walk out on a limb and get the 9930 even though issues with it are still pretty common its seems. I do have insurance so if it where to f' up I wouldn't be totally done... I just want to see what some of you think about it?

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    11-19-11 10:16 AM
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    Go for it. RIM just acknowledged the bricking issue and is working on software releases to fix it. .540 has reportedly revived several 9900s from being bricked already. The 9930 will be a quantum leap from your 8530, except for battery life, but it should still last all day.

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    11-19-11 11:19 AM
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    Get one. The only issue my 9930 had was not seeing my mediacard the first time. It works great now.

    My wife has some droid phone that hate attempting to use. I have always had problemy trying to use a touchscreen phone. I really like the combo on the 9930 of touch and keypad. By far my favorite phone I have ever used.

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    11-20-11 10:24 AM
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    I have the 9900 and not a single issue here - I love the device. I was forced to use an iPhone when my 9700 took a dump (I knew someone with an extra iPhone from when they upgraded to the 4S) and I don't think I could ever use a full touch phone. I also played around with a few android phones while I was waiting for the 9900 to release on AT&T and hated my experience. It's all personal and one phone doesn't fit all, but if you like blackberry - there is no other option.

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    11-20-11 12:01 PM