View Poll Results: Are you happy with your Bold 9900/9930?

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  • Yes, Happy!

    642 85.83%
  • No, Unhappy!

    106 14.17%
02-26-12 09:29 PM
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  1. Chrysalis1156's Avatar
    Still loving my 9930 and now that the keyboard is all "worked in" I like the sound of it.

    Is it wrong to love your Blackberry?
    02-26-12 08:18 PM
  2. jimntrini's Avatar
    Well, I'm terribly dissapointed because the larger screen and keyboard are just a gimmick.

    The faster processor may be 2x faster than last years fastest BB but now I'm just going to get more work done faster so "The Man" is just exploiting me more. I own my own business so I'm exploiting myself. Do you know how hard that is?

    The push e-mail and messaging is terrible. I get the news faster than anyone and that sucks. Have you seen the news lately?

    The secure messaging has me sending a BBM to my wife with my bank account information because she knows we can send it securely if she realizes she forgot it when at the bank.

    I also hate the ability to super charge my media keys. I have my flashlight set to 2 clicks and a couple of nights ago, I used it to help give a complete stranger a jump in the middle of the street. Sure, it was easy but If I had a different device I could have just said "I think I have an app for that but I can't find it in this phone's 497 useless apps" so I would just keep driving and screw the stranger. I'm so mad at BlackBerry because it was raining and because my Bold 9930 is so fast and awesome I did not have an excuse not to help him.

    I also hate the fact that my Bold 9930 allows me to bridge with my Playbook. How are we going to support our beloved carriers if they can't charge us $50.00 bucks for a 3g tablet? They should just fire the CEO's. Terrible. I hate saving money!!!

    But what I hate the most is the NFC. I mean, before I could just tell my wife I forgot to tell her I was coming home but now thanks to NFC, I send her a message every day when I'm heading home, I turn off wifi, btooth, and launch Vlingo. Why do I hate saving time and being more consistent? Because now my wife can count on me to keep her informed and sometimes she may need me to pick something up at the store on the way home. More work for me! I don't care that she has three young boys to care for. What about me? and the battery savings never lets me get to swap batteries.

    Lastly, getting $100.00 dollars in free apps is horrible. What if I don't like the apps? I mean, they are just trying to get me to spend more money. I don't know how but you know those Canadians. They are up to something.


    I love my Bold 9930 and Playbook.
    Oh, that was funny...and I'm happy with my 9930 too!
    02-26-12 09:29 PM
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