1. ccohen6410's Avatar
    I recently got an unlocked Rogers Blackberry Bold 9900 to use on ATT here in the states. Everything is working fine however i have two problems. 1.) i cannot get visual voice mail to work. I have the vvm icon and have tried to take the settings from my ATT 9780 that I had saved but have been unable to get it to work. Can some please help step by step to get it to work on my new 9900? I have looked and seen solutions in the forum but have been unable to work.

    My other issue is I cannot get normal voicemail indicator to show up (the small tape recorder icon). The only way I know I have a voice message is I see I have a missed call and then I call my voicemail. Otherwise, I would never know. If I can't get visual voicemail to work can some please help me at least get the traditional voicemail indicator to show up. Otherwise everything works great and I love my new 9900. Its the best blackberry ever. Thanks
    09-22-11 04:18 PM