11-08-11 07:39 PM
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  1. Phill_UK's Avatar
    My friend has a Vodafone 9900 which shows "3G bands 1,4,8" on the about screen. I am assuming that since it doesn't say 4G, it won't do 4G on TMO in the US even though my TMO US 9900 says "3G/4G Bands 1,4,8". Is that correct?

    No, that's not correct.

    Vodafone UK's 3G and TMO's 4G are both HSPA+

    The bands are the same so the phone will work fine. It will just show 3G and not Faux G.

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    11-08-11 06:16 PM
  2. HofstraJet's Avatar
    Excellent news. Thanks for the info, Phill_UK. FauxG, while not 4G, at least works in South Florida to allow me to do voice and data at the same time. None of the TMO 3G BlackBerries could do that - always either dropped to GPRS or completely when on a 3G call. 9900 stays on 4G.
    11-08-11 07:39 PM
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