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    I sold a galaxy skyrocket (android) last night, i installed Vlingo on it cause my customer asked about siri, then installed shazam because she described an app where her mom held her phone up and it told her what song was playing. I was amazed that i was able to tell vlingo to launch shazam, which it did, then went straight to tagging.

    When she left i checked appworld and was happy to find vlingo, and had shazam encore already, but i cant get vlingo to launch shazam

    Is it possible to get Vlingo to open apps other than the native ones?

    i can easily get it to open bbm, calendar, text, contacts (by saying contacts OR address book). however i CANT get it to open shazam, flixster, beweather, blackberry bridge, remote control, wells fargo etc

    is it possible to get vlingo to recognize and open these apps?
    03-07-12 04:40 PM