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    Help ! In recent days my 9930 got the s7.addthis.com virus. It puts adchoice on a lot of browser pages, and then redirects you to an ad page. My PC had a similar problem a year or so ago, but got rid of it, also installed adblock and don't accept third-party cookies automatically. But no clue how to approach this on my 9930. Anyone have any ideas?

    Also, how do you clear cookies in the 9930 / os7 ?

    Funny, I'm just about to upgrade... two weeks left, and I get this.
    11-18-14 09:25 AM
  2. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    This would be a first, as far as I know...
    Most likely it isn't "really" installed as a virus/trojan, but as part of some other app.
    Or it could be that your "home" page has been changed on the browser to one that proxies the "s7.addthis.com".

    Try poking through the Browser setting and remove your Home page, change it to Google or such, reset the settings, and clear out the web history.
    Look at any app you have recently installed, delete it to see if it clears up the issue.
    Last resort, do a backup and a security wipe.
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    11-18-14 10:17 AM
  3. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Couple things you could do.
    1. Jump into the browser settings, clear everything you could check off, reset the search engines, then close the browser. Save any changes when prompted.

    2. Uninstall any applications you recently downloaded, because it might be one of them. Jared anyone? Reboot too.

    3. If nothing changes, reload the device software FROM SCRATCH using BlackBerry desktop software/manager. Plug the USB cable in, remove the battery, connect it to the computer, and click Update when you get the prompt, then it'll be clean loaded again. BE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE DOING THIS!

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    11-23-14 07:14 AM
  4. Jo Erne's Avatar
    I actually found the source of the problem on the 9930 -- it was an s7.addthis.com file. I deleted the file, which solved the problem... for a while. It would eventually return--I don't know where I was picking it up-but I'd know because websites i visited would start to fill with adchoice boxes. Re-deleted with success.

    Now, though, have moved on to a Z30. Same thing has happened, though I can't or don't know where to find the s7 file. Meanwhile, ads are cluttering websites AND apps. IS IT POSSIBLE it's coming from the CB website? Following advice here, I removed a bunch of apps, which got rid of the problem, but started again when I came to CB?!?!
    01-27-15 05:34 AM
  5. blueyestm's Avatar
    It's not from the CB site. You should keep track of what sites you are going to because clearly one of them you visit frequently is infected.
    01-27-15 06:21 AM

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