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    I switched from a BB curve 8330 to the Droid incredible 2 (about six months ago). I miss my BB. I like the Droid Incredbile 2 and its features, but it's simply too hard to type. I miss the ease of typing an email with my blackberry--and in my business, I need to type a lot of emails (and quickly) while on the road.

    I went to the blackberry store and verizon store and fell in love with the BB Bold 9930. It seems so easy to type with--plus the touch screen feature is cool. There is no doubt that if I had waited a few months, I would have gotten the Bold 9930.

    I know there seem to be problems (Cost; bricking;etc)--should I go ahead and get the bold--or stay with Droid...

    Also, is it worth just getting the latest Curve--or should I go with the 9930.

    11-27-11 07:34 PM
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    You like the 9930. Get it.
    11-27-11 07:35 PM
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    I would get the Bold. Sounds like it fits your needs. I have had my 9930 since it came out and absolutely NO problems. By far the best keyboard, nice bright screen. Just make a honest assessment of what your needs are NOT wants, sometimes what we want isn't always what we need.
    11-27-11 07:59 PM
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    Use the forum to gather information to make your decision based on your preferences / needs. Don't just ask what u should do. No one phone is best for everyone
    11-27-11 08:02 PM
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    For what its worth...I'm on a Droid Incredible 2...been on it for a week (FYI I was on my second {of 3} 9930 after 6 days...I'm using the compact keyboard (SureType-type) and love it...I got typewriter sounds!!...its a small thing...I do miss screen shots. And IF your need emails in REAL time ie IF you don't real care about real web browser...or IF you don't mind "app" world .. and LOW memory (I'm at 813 now a d I'm not sure HOW MANY apps I have...oh...AND...I just SAID all this with only 5 errors...I'm not sayin anything...I'M JUST SAYING!!!!!
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    11-27-11 08:10 PM
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    I have been going back and forth between android and the 9930 bold. I find myself using the bold more often than the droid. I also have a galaxy tab so not to far from android advantages at any time. For business the bold rocks but lacks a decent camera and access to some basic apps. I think most people on the fence about getting the bold is the future of Rim. With all the bad press about BlackBerry it leaves a black Mark on the product which is affecting sales. Rim need to reassure the cosumer that they will be around for a long time .
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    11-27-11 08:17 PM