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    Hi everyone. I just received the Bold 9930 today and I freaking love it! But inside the LCD. Not on the outside but on the inside, I notice a very small line. Its really small but I was wondering if its possible if it can be a spot of dust? I remember back in the day some blackberrys had those dusty screen issues. It only is mainly seen on a black background. Now I had this sent to me through wirefly. And crap I would have to send it back and wait to get another. I'm not sure if its a scratch on the inside or a really small spot of dust. If I sent It back, I'm without a phone. Anyone notice anything like that on theirs? If I could take it apart and it was dust I could do that. But don't know what the better route maybe. Or I can just disregard it since you can barely see it at all.

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