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    So I posted earlier, and things are getting weirder. First off, all my previous emails that I had in a separate "Gmail" folder went to messages, thus unthreading but at least with all the dates and times in tact. Then, when BIS kicks in, it re-downloads my messages that were on the server, but stamps them all (500+) of them as coming in Monday at 830pm. Then I look and all my contacts are duplicated from what was backed up and then what was synced when Gmail kicked in over BIS. I deleted the gmail account on my phone, went to BIS and resent the service books, and now all my email is completely gone from the Gmail account, and I only have whatever message were backed up prior to the upgrade (which are wrongfully in my Messages folder, when they should be in the Gmail folder, which is now empty).

    Now my Blackberry Protect has been wiped, and all of those back ups are starting from scratch. Is anybody else having so many issues after upgrading? Does this stuff usually happen?
    10-24-11 10:22 PM