1. 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
    hi i just upgraded to .590
    everything went well
    but somehow now the browser "loses" the ability to play html 5 video from the web page
    heres one example of the site

    25 Best Dunks from NBA's Opening Week | Bleacher Report

    when i clicked on the video to play it , it says

    "your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.
    click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video"

    one day ago when I'm running previous OSes
    the video load just as fine
    can anybody please try the link and let me know ?
    thank you.
    01-03-12 11:02 PM
  2. 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
    btw open it from your phone , to go to the mobile site.
    01-03-12 11:08 PM
  3. emirozmen's Avatar
    Havent tried this one but the ones I tried seem to work well, I am also on.590
    01-03-12 11:08 PM
  4. Iag48st's Avatar
    At least you can open the site. I'm running stock tmobile and it doesn't open that site. I hate this browser; very slow to open web pages and the scrolling, zooming is not smooth at all. Once I disable javascript, it all gets better but I paid 650 for high end phon, why should I limit my browsing!?
    Not to mention the browser eats up RAM when even after being closed.

    Not good. I hope the new OS gives a better browser.
    01-04-12 12:35 AM
  5. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Plays fine for me on .590

    However only video #3 will play, as that one must be HTML5... the others are flash.
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    01-04-12 02:32 AM
  6. Iag48st's Avatar
    Tried again, does not work for me.
    01-04-12 03:53 PM
  7. FuzzyB's Avatar
    That's because the NBA sux!

    01-04-12 04:26 PM