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    Hi Everyone,
    i'm not that new to updating OS on BB but it seems this time that it is getting way over my head and i would need your help.

    So this is my 3rd 9900 and i've updated no problem the os on my previous 2.
    i went from (or so) to (or so) and upgrading went A1.

    With my new BB, i installed the leaked os and deleted the vendor file. when i'm trying to update the OS with apploader, nothing shows up as being installable. rebooted the computer, battery pulled the 9900, nothing worked.

    Further more, only 3rd party app are showing when i'm launching applaoder (i don't get why languages and stuff like this are not showing).

    Another weird thing is that my BB is not showing in "connected" device for more that 10 seconds. When i plugged it in the computer VIA usb, it ask me if i want to charge, sync or use as usb drive. whatever i do (including not doing anything) it shows for few seconds and then the drop down box goes white (empty)

    Anyone experienced that or have a clue on what to do?!

    thanks a lot!
    01-06-12 11:34 AM