1. mib344's Avatar
    Hello people, Just wanted to run something by you guys and gals. I am visiting India for few days and will be taking my unlock sprint 9930 with international roaming plan. But once in India I want to use my friend GSM sim on this phone. I know I can get the service all setup etc. My concern are, when I come back from India do I need to do anything to get it back on sprint network and if I am using the Indian network there sprint shouldnt be charging me for the roaming?

    I assume if I just take out the sim from the phone it should go back on the sprint network with my international roaming plan.

    01-26-12 02:08 PM
  2. cooljatt18's Avatar
    that ought a do it, do use plan to use BB services in India coz they might not work coz your pin will be locked in sprints server. else everything should work smoothly
    01-27-12 10:49 AM