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    first off i just want to say I'm really enjoying my 9930.

    I searched the forums and didn't see anyone post about this issue so i figured I'd start a new thread.

    have any of you noticed that when doing a universal search and going into your emails, if you select one of the emails that came up in your search, and then realize it isn't the one you wanted and back out of that email to go back to your list, you jump back to the very top of your search, so that you lose your place if you were scrolling down your list of emails that came up in the search? (does this make sense to you?)

    Often when I'm searching for a specific email from someone i correspond with a lot, dozens of emails will come up in a search. i then have to work my way through the ones that pull up. and jumping back to the top of the items that came up in the search each time I find the wrong email is super inconvenient.

    i don't know if there's a way to avoid this jump from happening?

    Thanks for any insight you can share...
    10-01-11 02:20 PM