1. D3RDEYE's Avatar
    Guys, I need a little help here. I just got a used BB 9930 with Verizon branding. Everything seems to work except I can't disable the device password function. I have run it through the I.T. Policy removal tool posted here by naviwilliams from long ago (it has always worked for me), but, the Password Enable option stubbornly refuses to be disabled. I disabled encryption and it still won't allow me to disable the device password option. Anyone here got any idea what am failing to do?
    12-12-12 03:23 AM
  2. StereoHeartx's Avatar
    Try wiping the device, from the phone.
    Backup all your data & content and you're ready to go!
    12-12-12 03:29 AM
  3. D3RDEYE's Avatar
    Well, I tried doing that but, it didn't work. However, I found out that the problem comes up when you have Encryption enabled under Security Options. Once encryption is disabled, there is no longer any need to have Password forcibly enabled by the phone and, you can then freely enable or disable Password at will.
    12-14-12 01:08 AM

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