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    It gets all the way to "Backing Up Smart Card Options" and then nothing...it just sits there....any suggestions? I deleted the app and re-downloaded and the result was the same. Not sure what to do next? FYI, I am able to sync media and such, it's the backup option that is the only issue.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.
    01-02-12 02:06 PM
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    Kind of glad to see that I'm not the only person having this issue.

    I have a Carphone Warehouse unlocked handset (9900), and a fresh install of Vista/BBDM

    Version Details - Phone
    BB Bold Touch 9900
    OS (DM did come up with an update, but I was trying to do a backup first

    Windows Vista 32-bit SP2
    4GB RAM, plenty of HDD space.
    BBDM downloaded from BB website this week, version

    My 9700 ( sucessfully backs up, having tried to exclude smart card settings from the backup, the backup then gets stuck on "backing up shortcut settings" most irritating
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    01-03-12 06:18 PM
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    A further update, backup over bluetooth worked when left overnight, not exactly sure how long it took, but it gave a message that some items weren't backed up.
    I might just have to try and leave my phone on USB for a long time. I want a backup before I try and do an OS update, so I'm getting very annoyed as I have an official automatic update, and the 7.1 leak i'm considering.
    01-09-12 04:09 PM
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    Turns out that it is the Social Feeds option in the back up that is causing the problems, unticking that fixed it for me.

    See http://forums.crackberry.com/desktop...ack-up-656465/ I can't take the credit.
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    01-09-12 04:59 PM
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    sometimes the easiest way to get an answer to your problem is to search this site for others that had the problem and were able to solve it. I am happy that you were able to resolve your problem.
    01-09-12 05:39 PM