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    hi people,
    im pretty new to all this so help would be appreciated. basically i want more apps for my phone and have recently got the 9900 bold. i have looked through some other threads and seen that some apps are still not available through app world that have been available previously. some threads have said to download them manually but i dont know how to do this also some have suggested stuff like bbsak. what is this? id appreciate all the help i could get.
    these are some of the apps im interested in just to give some idea.
    a weather app (dont know of any)
    barclays bank
    a QPR app (dont know if there is one)

    any help would be appreciated.

    09-20-11 05:20 PM
  2. RightyTightyLeftyLoosey's Avatar

    The 9900 is running a new version of the operating system (OS7), so not all the apps are available yet, but more are becoming updated everyday - just keep checking app world. I updated from an older BB, so I had some of the apps installed already so don't know how to do it manually, sorry.

    So, from your list:

    dropbox - just waiting for OS7 update I think
    best weather app is Beweather (there is a free version)
    ebay, again, waiting for update I think
    Barclays/QPR - no idea
    there are tons of photo apps, but not all OS7 ready yet - not sure what the special features of photosynth are?

    Others you might want:

    A battery pull app for quick resets (e.g. quick pull)
    Berry Buzz is good for notifications.
    Battery watch
    tunein radio
    Sky sports football

    HTH a bit.
    09-20-11 05:47 PM
  3. RightyTightyLeftyLoosey's Avatar
    Oh and BBSAK is a piece of desktop software for managing your BB

    BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife
    09-20-11 05:48 PM
  4. robtanz's Avatar
    Dropbox is working fir OS 7 devices
    09-20-11 06:16 PM