1. Daniyal Amin's Avatar
    I have to keep my bluetooth running in the background all the time to use my phone. If i disconnect from blue tooth it shuts off my phone. It drains my battery crazy fast. Please help me out.
    12-24-12 07:46 PM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    Bluetooth doesn't have anything to do with the phone staying on. Did you recently update your OS? Something mightve gone screwy with it and you may have to reload it.
    12-24-12 08:54 PM
  3. FBA's Avatar
    Some devices will wreak havoc on BB's when you disconnect from them on Bluetooth. If you're saying the simply shutting Bluetooth off on the device when not connected to a device is shutting your phone off, it's time for an OS reload.
    12-24-12 10:54 PM
  4. rayzian's Avatar
    i have the same problem, wifi or bluetooth have to be on at all times otherwise the phone shuts off.. my battery drain rate went from 2% to 5% (can barely last me half a day now) ever since this started happening.. installing a different OS didn't fix the issue, i think its hardware related.. it's a shame because my 9900 has been flawless since sept 2011 up until 2 months ago when this BS started
    12-26-12 01:30 PM
  5. torhan39's Avatar
    Thought I had found the solution but it has started again!!!!
    Last edited by torhan39; 02-19-13 at 03:57 PM.
    02-19-13 02:34 PM
  6. BestBuyMobileBBUser's Avatar
    This is clearly kind of an old thread, so I don't know if anyone will see this or not. I have a very similar issue on my 9930, but it's the wifi instead of the bluetooth that I have to leave on. If I shut down the wifi the phone automatically powers down and I have to do a battery pull to get it to power back on.
    I haven't been on Crackberry a ton, but I have used BlackBerry since 2000, so I am pretty familiar with the hardware and software of these phones, but this is a real head scratcher. It wouldn't be an issue if the wifi wasn't such a colossal drain on my battery. Has anyone else had this issue?
    03-21-14 11:42 AM

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