1. wingsung's Avatar
    I'm trying to purchase Tapatalk from the app store, and everytime I click on it, it takes me to the accesories page. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, I created an account already, and when on the accesories page I search for Tapatalk and it can't find it.

    Never bought anything from CB so I'm very new to this, if any help/advice would be great, sorry for posting here but need some help please. Thanks in advance.

    Happy Thanksgiving to those in Canada!!
    10-08-11 09:33 PM
  2. Sharma15's Avatar
    I've made it my personal way of life to stick with the old app world v until 3.0 gets its **** straight. v 3 is slow and i just dont like it overall.
    10-08-11 09:36 PM
  3. wingsung's Avatar
    something is wrong with my App world as well. for some reason I can only see top rated things or free apps or paid apps. The search function doesn't work at all, anything I try and search just shows "searching..." and nothing ever comes up. Thats why I went to CB app store and that's not working for me as well >.<. I want Tapatalk so I can read these forums from my phone whenever!!!
    10-08-11 09:40 PM
  4. EveryApp Mobile's Avatar
    11-09-11 06:41 PM