1. bbbeau's Avatar
    Okay so I've tried everything so far, the only progress I made is if you drain the battery completely on another device (and then try to power it on so the red LED light doesn't show anymore to be 100% sure that the battery is flat), if you pop it in a wall charger or USB-PC charger, you can see the battery charging volt image on the screen. Once it gets the charge back into the battery, screen goes off and it's stuck in the same reboot cycle again.

    Is there anything I can try in this state to bring it back to life? Or is the battery too low to read/write/erase anything from the device? Really want to fix this myself rather than send it back to the other country I got it from.
    02-20-12 11:08 AM
  2. Sinuous's Avatar
    You have to get a replacement, mine bricked the other day aswell and they sent me a new one. Its my sixth, nothing I tried or any bb tech support worked. And since they sent me 6 replacements it means its not even worth fixing.

    If you don't have warranty, ure SOL.
    02-20-12 11:13 AM
  3. Xavier85's Avatar
    I'd suggest a replacement if you can. My 9900 nuked over the weekend and although i was able to revive it, i'm still getting it replaced through my carrier since i'm still within my 14 day window from date of purchase. If you're interested though, how i got mine back was to downgrade to (I was on If you search the forums, there's a plenty of threads on how to do this. If yours is fully bricked and not just nuked, replacement for now is your only option. Best of luck, cheers!
    02-20-12 12:37 PM