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    I watched the teardown video on Youtube and decided to do the same with my 9900. Much to my surprise I found that installing the keyboard in different ways and making slight adjustments would;

    1. Make a call, menu, return and end button either turn mushy or allow it to click with good tactile feedback; and/or

    2. make the keyboard slightly more flush with the screen.

    It seems that the keyboard, which feels kind of rubbery on the sides of it, can get bound in the steel frame. I found that installing the keyboard by starting it on the side of the frame during installation rather than by mashing it up against the screen, the buttons became less mushy.

    However, I found by starting the installation by mashing the keyboard against the screen first and then pushing on the side tended to make it sit a little more flush to the screen.

    I also found manipulating the keyboard slightly by pushing it around with a screw driver in the bottom mounting holes would cause some relaxation of of the rubber and make it sit better.

    Nothing scientific here and I'm not saying mine is perfect but I can definitely say the tactile and audible feedback is better on the menu bar of keys. Not perfect, but much better. I only marginally, if at all, was able to get the screen more flush although ithe little lip seems more evenly spread across the screen.

    Super easy to do if you want to try and all you need is a T5 driver. Beware that if you puncture the white security sticker on one of the heads your warranty is likely toast so you may not want to do this.
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    Anyone else try this? My menu and call buttons are really mushy
    01-24-12 10:29 PM