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    So I bought an unlocked 9900 from rogers for my att network.. And its pretty dang awesome. I mean my old 9700 kinda felt toyish but this thing a mean computing machine.. Haha

    Anyways I'm having issues with the text messages. Everyone I receive is time stamped for 12:32 and it says I received it 1 minute ago. Its not a life threatening thing but its super annoying because the conversation is all out of wack.

    Is this a known issue? I checked my settings against what is on my 9700 and their the same.. Help please!

    Ps- gosh this keyboard is amazing, it shouldn't be legal.. My laptop died and now I'm quite frankly in no rush to revive it haha, although I wanna play some minecraft..

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    09-16-11 08:52 PM
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    .. restarted and its still doing it.. super lame! help!
    09-17-11 10:28 AM
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    any ideas? should I should just do a wipe and start over? I just got the phone yesterday and my laptop is out for repairs so no DM
    09-17-11 02:43 PM
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    great- i will check with att, and actually i havent updated my IMEI with them yet (forgot to yesterday) so perhaps thats the issue. I dont think its the clock issue because the clock is right and its also stamping my sent texts correctly. Only the incoming texts are stamped 1232 and show up as the most recent text in the message list no matter when ive sent a text.

    I thought it sounds like a software issue and someone would chime in.
    09-17-11 03:55 PM
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    hmmm so apparently i think it was fixed by talking to att and registering the emei with them.. no problems with this now..
    09-21-11 09:42 AM