1. PurposelyVague's Avatar
    Earlier this year I switched from the Tour to an Android phone. I ended up hating it and going back to my Tour and then upgrading a few weeks later to the 9930. Since I switched back to BB, my email is only syncing one way. When I delete items on my blackberry, they delete on webmail, but not vice versa. I've talked to my carrier, who thinks it a BB issue. BB thinks its a webhost issue that my email provider isn't compatible with the OS 7. However that doesn't hold water to me since when I switched back to my Tour syncing was also only working one way. I've been through all my settings with both my carrier (more than once) and BB and everything checks out. Everyone keeps telling me it might just be that my webmail won't sync that way with my bb, but it used to prior to switching to the Android phone (and did sync with the android as well.) Any ideas how to fix this? It's getting pretty annoying having to delete emails twice if I forget and delete them in webmail first. Tia!
    10-21-11 02:31 PM
  2. jhanks64's Avatar
    It depends upon what kind of email account you have. If It's IMAP or via BES, it should work. If it's POP3, then it won't work right. Maybe that's the issue.
    10-21-11 03:11 PM
  3. PurposelyVague's Avatar
    It is a pop3 account. I guess I'm just mystified why it would work before and won't now.
    10-21-11 03:19 PM
  4. jhanks64's Avatar
    There might be a setting somewhere in the Email Options about Reconciliation or something that might work, but I'd be surprised.

    Maybe before, IMAP worked and now it is setup as POP3.
    10-21-11 06:10 PM