1. JU5T1N's Avatar
    K so I've searched far and wide for this issue I'm having, and it seems the only solution is to replace the phone, something which I'm not planning on doing since I bought my 9900 secondhand.

    My cursor likes to move to the left of the screen on its own quite often, and it's something I've been trying to get used to for a while now and just can't.

    SOOOO I'm looking for a site that just sells the trackpad alone, which is almost impossible to find. The trackpad and keyboard seem to be one unit from the Youtube videos of the dissassembly I've watched, and it seems very easy to replace the unit as a whole.

    Anyone know of a good site to buy a keyboard/trackpad combo for cheap?

    Or is this a solid software issue that I'm stuck with?
    03-13-12 07:07 PM