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    Hello guys, I'm a long time Black Berry user and I'm proud to say I just got my new 9900. I have been waiting for AT&T to release it and finally.... i love it!

    I was just wondering if the trackpad has any issues. I love the touch screen but still want to use the trackpad.... is it not supposed to let me scroll with it? like if i want to go through contacts or pictures with the trackpad or is it my unit.... how can i find out? :/

    I would appreciate any and all suggestions, thanks guys!
    11-15-11 10:53 PM
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    I had trackpad issues with the first Blackberry 9900 I got from T-Mobile. Basically it would scroll by it self, especially in low-light conditions. To check if your unit does that just hover your finger about 1 cm above the trackpad and see if it moves the cursor. If it does, it is faulty. I exchanged my 9900 after couple of days and with the other one I never encountered the same issue.

    And as for your actual question, it should let you scroll through everything on your phone, just like it would on a Blackberry with no touchscreen. I'm thinking in your case if a trackpad does not work in specific menus it might a software problem rather than a hardware one.
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    11-15-11 11:28 PM
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    Thanks man... i appreciate it! I have that issue and now i realized my panel isn't flush. I dont like this issues, but i love the phone.... i just want to make sure i can exchange it. I paid a lot and just want it to work properly, the phone is amazing!
    11-15-11 11:34 PM
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    At first when I had issues I thought that it was maybe my fault. Then I tried to get past those issues. But in the end I decided to exchange because I figured that if I will be "stuck" to it for 2 more years, I should have a unit that works the way it is supposed to, especially considering the money I spent on it.
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    11-15-11 11:40 PM
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    I just notice this post you might wanna check it out, same issue as yours:

    11-15-11 11:43 PM