1. magician1's Avatar
    I had 2.93 and when I activated the tick for AUDIBLE click on the track pad it was perfect, now I have 3.53 it seems to be sticky on the sounds, the trackpad works fab BUT the sounds as you pass over the iocns are either a very WEAK sounding click or they are silent all together. Can you please let me know what yours is like.
    I know this is a ot a super big deal BUT coming from BB 9780 I have for some reason got ysed to having the audible click sound activated.
    Many thnaks in advance.
    10-05-11 11:08 AM
  2. Fnord's Avatar
    I hadn't tried it on an earlier OS, but it's pretty bad on .353 (unusable IMO).

    I not having the same experience you are Magician. I can hear the sounds ok, but there seems to be a slight delay between my finger and the tick - which gets quite annoying.
    10-05-11 12:38 PM
  3. magician1's Avatar
    Glad someone knows what I mean and has the same-ish issue. Yes, mine is a delay and the click sounds are more like wet farts!!!!
    MUST SAY that there is a 5 mile stretch from home to the shopping centre and my 9780 always had a pretty good signal enroute, when I had os 293 (whatever it was) I got the SOS signal in red pretty much all enroute to the same 5 mile route but now YES YES YES with 3.53 it is just like, if not better than my 9780 recpetion SO YES THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT THAT THE 3.53 BUILD HAD FIXED A MAJOR SIGNAL ISSUE HERE IN THE UK WITH O2.
    Now for the guys who do not know the 3.53 exists then they are really running a non complete powerhouse of a device.....it surely must be time for o2 to roll out the 3.53 avialable for all???
    10-05-11 01:40 PM