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    Hiyo all I just read some good news from blackberry cool that all 3 devices and web kit will be coming out this year... No news for storm 3 yet tho... Here is the article I copied it from viigo...

    "Yesterday, Technology Analyst at TD Securities Chris Umiastowski, confirmed RIM's 3G Pearl 9100, Tour2, WebKit browser and a hybrid keyboard-touch screen device. He also hints that the May quarter will be significant, stating "there could be upside to our numbers for the May quarter."

    Chris also goes on to say the doesn't expect the Pearl 9100 to be released until April and thinks it will be "a big success, just like the last Pearl."

    The same article goes on to say that the QWERTY, touchscreen hybrid may have an optical navigation pad and will be launched in the 3rd quarter. He also says the Tour2 is now in production and soon to be released to the market. Verizon is the key customer for this device, which will include WiFi and an optical trackpad.

    I personally can't wait until the "Dakota" launches. Hybrid devices are the best of both worlds. The big question I'm still looking to get answered, is whether RIM will drop SurePress."

    Can't wait for dakota to come out! But I just upgraded my phone to 9700 ><

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    02-04-10 11:38 AM
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    My last WinMo phone was a combination touchscreen qwerty device. To tell you the truth with the little screen, touchscreen without the stylus was next to impossible. I had that phone less than a week before I traded it in. In my opinion this type of device unless its built along the lines of a slider ends up doing neither job very well.
    02-04-10 12:46 PM
  3. Ashmo's Avatar
    Any news on what carrier will sell this hybrid device?
    02-04-10 01:47 PM
  4. breakmedown's Avatar
    I'd like to try and give the hybrid a shot. I wonder if (like was mentioned) the touchscreen part sucks, if there would be a way to disable it and just use it as a qwerty. I personally think using it to scroll around webpages and photo albums would be great.

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    02-05-10 01:46 AM
  5. yaksha's Avatar
    dakota will be a cool device but i wont get the first generation seeing as how rim never seems to get the first time around right ie tour and storm1
    02-05-10 01:52 AM
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    Looking at the leaked prototype (which didn't have a trackpad), I think that RIM has the right idea with the hybrid BlackBerry. It was supposed to have SurePress, which I think solves most of the problems that you would have with a touchscreen that small. However, I think I'm going to stick with my Storm 2 until the Storm 3 - providing that the Storm 3 doesn't do that horrible slider for factor. I've done slide phones before and I don't ever want to go back.

    The Tour 2 and 9100 are going to be great phones as well. I really like the 9100...almost enough to pick one up as a backup.
    02-05-10 02:21 AM