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    Keyboard - BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Smartphones - User Guide - BlackBerry Bold Series - 7.0

    In the User Manual for the Bold 99XX series, they still reference a touch screen keyboard like the hidden OS files that are also still there. Though that was pretty cool. Maybe it was for the BB Remote that's been in the works this whole time?
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    01-13-12 04:54 PM
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    Good find!
    01-13-12 05:03 PM
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    Good find!
    Hehe thanks, i was looking to see why my mute button says "you have no new messages" when i hold it in and i found that.
    01-13-12 07:42 PM
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    By default, a bar above the touch screen keyboard allows you to quickly hide the touch screen keyboard. You can change your options to show or hide the bar.
    1. On the home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
    2. Click Typing and Language > Keyboard.
    3. Select or clear the Enable Virtual Keyboard Hide Bar checkbox.
    4. Press the key > Save.
    lol lovely.......
    01-13-12 08:04 PM
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    lol lovely.......
    Yes, except pretty sure that option isnt on my phone!
    01-14-12 09:54 PM
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    it still would be funny if you're just playing around with it, and suddenly an on screen keyboard pops up! takes up the entire screen, hope for the best
    01-14-12 10:59 PM