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  • Yes, it's awesome and you won't regret it.

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  • No, keep the Torch and wait for newer/more reliable devices.

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  1. DSee's Avatar

    I'm seriously thinking about upgrading my Torch 9800 to a BB 9900. I own 2 Playbooks, and from what people have been saying the BB 9900 + Playbook make an excellent combination.

    I've recently received an email saying I'm eligible for an upgrade, which would result in:
    - $200
    - 2-year contract extension

    I don't mind the 2-year contract since I get 23% discount on ATT and plan on staying with them for a LONG time. The $200 price shouldn't be a problem as well since I can recoup some of the money by selling my Torch for around $130-150.

    After saying this, you must be wondering: What are you waiting for?

    Well, after reading the forums, I've noticed a LOT of complaints regarding 9900/30's being bricked and etc. I do understand people usually come to forums to COMPLAIN, and usually don't post anything positive about their devices, however the number of bad threads are really scaring me.

    Bottom Line is:
    After reading all of this, would you still get a 9900? Poll should be up shortly...
    01-30-12 07:54 AM
  2. fourboysplus's Avatar
    I would say without a doubt upgrade to the 9900. I have NEVER had an single issue with mine and I have had since it was released.

    The 9900 keypad is such a flawless design which will be of great value when os2.0 comes for the PlayBook. The Bold 9900 can be used as a remote keypad.
    01-30-12 08:50 AM
  3. Fnord's Avatar
    I came from the 9800 and don't regret the upgrade for a second. For me, the 9900 is the best BB ever by a wide margin.

    Good luck with your decision.
    01-30-12 08:53 AM
  4. tr1ad's Avatar
    no issue with mine... however you will miss the larger screen
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    01-30-12 08:55 AM
  5. kjic13's Avatar
    I swapped from 9800 to 9900 and haven't once missed the larger screen. The only reason I feel I'd want it back would be if I didn't have a Playbook to compensate. If it's just straight browsing for text I don't mind the 9900's screen at all. To each their own, I suppose.

    All the battery issues I hear people complaining about don't bother me as I find the Torch and 9900 to be more or less the same as far as consumption. As for the bricking, I think in the two years I had the 9800 I let it idle to <5% battery life maybe twice. I understand bricking seems to happen below the 8% mark on the 9900 so I try and keep mine over 20% at all times. I have a thousand chargers scattered over the house and at work so it's not hard to find some extra juice.

    Beyond that you'll love the keyboard more than anything else. When PB2.0 pops up in the coming weeks you'll probably love inputting onto the tablet by way of your 9900 bridged.

    Those're just my two cents, however...
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    01-30-12 10:15 AM
  6. SaMaster14's Avatar
    I would say yes.

    The specs blow the 9800 out of the water.

    BUT, why not just get a Torch2 9810 (specs are basically the same)? Or do you just want a change of form factor?

    Also, with regard to your question about reliability, it seems as if the bricking issue has been mostly fixed with OS 7.1.
    01-30-12 10:26 AM
  7. wolfee48's Avatar
    Go for it! The 99xx series is excellent. Yes there were a lot of threads about bricking and such. But it has since calmed down. Updating to the newest OS will help solve performance issues.

    But as Samaster14 says, why not the 9810? Go to the store and play with both and see which fits you. The physical keyboard + touch screen sold me.
    01-30-12 10:50 AM
  8. Bang Gunley's Avatar
    While I originally thought I'd like the 'slider' I found that it was a PITA. Last week I was able to get the 9900 from AT&T for a song so I jumped. I wicked liked my 9000 a few years ago and this 9900 is quite similar in look and feel. It is FAST, easy to use with none of the 'fussiness' of the Torch. I'd recommend making the leap, friend.

    Have a day. Bang Gunley
    01-30-12 03:13 PM
  9. DSee's Avatar
    Ok guys!

    I went to a store after work and ended up getting a 9900.
    I'll reply to this thread later with first impressions!
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    01-30-12 03:23 PM
  10. Jake90087's Avatar
    I didn't regret it when I got a 9900 from my 9800. It seems like it's in such a different league!
    01-30-12 04:02 PM
  11. SaMaster14's Avatar
    Ok guys!

    I went to a store after work and ended up getting a 9900.
    I'll reply to this thread later with first impressions!
    Can't wait to see your response! Good luck with your new 9900
    01-30-12 09:08 PM
  12. wolfee48's Avatar
    Ok guys!

    I went to a store after work and ended up getting a 9900.
    I'll reply to this thread later with first impressions!
    Awesome! Hit up the forum for any questions.
    01-30-12 09:13 PM
  13. boss_hog's Avatar
    I had the 9800 3/2011 and returned it before the 30days mostly because I still wasn't sure if I wanted att but I will say the 9900 browser absolutely smokes the 9800 and its so much smoother operating all around. I actually liked the 9800 a lot at the time and considered the 9810 when I got the 9900 but the slider was a liTtle aggrivating( dropped it a few times but never had a case which I'm sure would have helped).The wideness of the screen compensates for the size greatly. I can't remember battery life but seems the 9800 was better than the 9900 since the last att upgrade not before it (I think I'm going to downgrade the software). I not sure about reception though , I think the 9800 might have been a little better. I would like to hear some input from folks about that myself. Either way I'm extremly happy with my 9900.
    01-30-12 09:22 PM
  14. cajualaddict's Avatar
    Ok guys!

    I went to a store after work and ended up getting a 9900.
    I'll reply to this thread later with first impressions!
    9900 and the playbook is such a great combo... I've been carrying both of them everywhere.

    Tell us if you feel the same
    01-30-12 10:03 PM
  15. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    You'll miss the larger screen...for about 2 days.
    01-30-12 11:00 PM
  16. DSee's Avatar
    This device is amazing.
    Feelings so far, broken down in categories:

    Battery: Acceptable/similar to 9800, I wouldn't call it great, but I'm happy with it (knowing I still need to tweak, upgrade OS, etc).
    Keyboard: AMAZING. Like everyone keeps saying, nothing gets even CLOSE to the feeling of the BB 9900 keyboard.
    Screen: it took me 2 hours to get used to it. now I don't miss the 9800 anymore.

    Overall: worth every penny of my money. I recommend EVERYONE to look at one. You'll love it.

    Edit: I also forgot to mention how fast the device is...

    Thanks again guys!
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    01-31-12 05:12 PM
  17. Raptors_Inception95's Avatar
    That's great my friend, I also love my 9900 and would never trade it in for anything else. Good luck with it and take care of it.
    01-31-12 05:30 PM
  18. nuangel2's Avatar
    glad you like it.i love mine .the only glitch i had was 2 days ago after charging at noc i got the blinking red and blank screen.but took a little time and i was able to load nes os and it working fine again.enjoy.
    01-31-12 05:42 PM
  19. Nashstruck's Avatar
    Just go for it. You won't regret it, ESP coming from the torch, which was a huge failure IMO.
    #Be Bold
    01-31-12 06:20 PM
  20. Peritaxis's Avatar
    Funny, this thread started on the exactly on the day where I decided to upgrade my 9800 to a 9900.

    I haven't received it yet, will get it Friday. Let you know. :P

    My 9800 has been bugging me with poor battery life lately. I use on average 3 SOLID hours between 8am-5pm, there are days, I get the flashing yellow light before 5pm. As far as I'm concerned, the 9900 battery cannot be that much worse than the 9800. Regarding lack of autofocus camera... good thing I carry my PlayBook around too.
    02-01-12 11:36 PM
  21. emirozmen's Avatar
    I would choose 9900 over the 9810 but I don't know if its worth selling. And I really don't know if the BB10 is gonna be good. If you have money sell your 9810 and get the 9900.
    02-02-12 12:01 AM
  22. jcp007's Avatar
    Glad you are enjoying the 9900. I was conflicted between waiting for the 9900 and getting the 9810 on AT&T. The 9810 is my personal device while the 9900 is for work. I could have gotten another 9810 for work but I wanted to give the 9900 a try. From an overall point of view, they are pretty similar except for the larger screen real estate, the AF camera and the ability to browse in landscape mode. I tend to use my trackpad less frequently on the 9810 whereas the 9900 keyboard is nice. Having had an 8310, 9000, 9700 and a 9800, the keyboard was not a deal-breaker for a smartPHONE. In short, you really can't go wrong with the 9810 or the 9900. It is all a matter of personal preference. Go in a store and give the 9810 a shot and if you like it, exchange it. Otherwise, have fun with the 9900. You will enjoy it. I would get an OB Commuter case and Seidio Active holster or even the OB Defender case and holster. On a side note, I turn my 9900 off at night to charge it. I have had my 9900 since the AT&T launch and no bricking issues.
    02-02-12 06:15 AM