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    This if my first tool created for blackberry to convert playlist

    Virus total result:
    VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

    Download link:

    What you require:
    1.)PC with Windows XP and above
    2.)Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (not .NET Framework 3.5 Client Profile)

    How to use:
    1.)First you will need to install VLC player.
    2.)after that connect your blackberry to your pc
    3.)locate your music folder (eg. F:\BlackBerry\music)
    4.)you may have subfolders (eg. F:\BlackBerry\music\David Guetta)
    5.)right click > Add to VLC media player's Playlist (see picture5.jpg)
    6.)after VLC media player loaded
    7.)Media > Save Playlist to File...(see picture7.jpg)
    8.)choose the "Save as type:" to M3U8 playlist (*.m3u8) and the file name (eg. David Guetta.m3u8)(see picture8.jpg)
    9.)Load my program
    10.) because (eg. F:\BlackBerry\music\) is media card path, i will choose media card.
    11.) browse the playlist file in this case (F:\BlackBerry\music\David Guetta.m3u8)(see picture10.jpg)
    12.) the save as path will automatically be filled.
    13.) just press convert and(see picture13.jpg)
    14.) enjoy your blackberry m3u(see picture14.jpg)

    Known bugs:
    1. Blackberry will not accept "~" so i changed this to "〜"(japanese ~), it will automatically convert your folders/musics to "〜"(japanese ~) if the folders /musics found, this feature can be disabled by unticking the check box fix~, but it will make your playlist without them.
    2. The fix ~ feature are still beta. so please try and give comment.

    1. able to convert unicode playlist(chinese, korean, japanese character supported)
    2. change "~" to "〜"(japanese ~) folder and playlist (beta)

    Supported playlist:
    1. VLC m3u8
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