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    So I took the plunge and bought a 9900 last night. Have to say the sound quality, speaker phone are killer over my Galaxy S. The phone is what it should be... a phone.

    So I have a couple of questions I wasn't able to find. I received some update notices for BB Apps and when I try and access App World I get the following message:

    "There is an issue with the current session. Please login to continue. (Error Id: 30702)"

    So I went to look if I was login and it seems to me that I am. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Also on my Facebook I have it checked off to synch up photos to my contacts list but for some reason it will not work. I have signed out and back in again and powered down/on and still nothing. Now I can do each contact individually but I can't seem to get it to work automatically. Thoughts?
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    01-12-12 10:57 AM
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    Well from my experience the facebook contacts photo sync happens gradually over time in the background, not really instantly. Give it a few hours or a day and check back. Also, not everyone will properly be detected. You might need to tweak their contact name to be closer to their Facebook name for them to match, or at least add the email address that they have listed on Facebook into the contact to aid the matching process.

    As for the session issue, I haven't experience that before.
    01-12-12 11:14 AM
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    Use a computer to send them to your phone via USB.
    My contacts?

    Regarding the issue of not being able to login, it all of a sudden corrected itself and is working.
    01-12-12 12:03 PM