1. dothadamthang's Avatar
    Even though 99% of the time I do well with the lock button, its that 1% that sucks cuz its always the wrong person at the wrong time. I wish there was an app or settings that would disable making calls via the touch screen...
    11-25-11 11:30 AM
  2. Masahiro's Avatar
    Turn the phone screen away from your body when you're pocketing it.

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    11-25-11 11:40 AM
  3. BBThemes's Avatar
    put a password on your phone. simple and safe soloution
    11-25-11 11:43 AM
  4. Phill_UK's Avatar
    ...or get a case
    11-25-11 11:43 AM
  5. thisissun's Avatar
    just put a password on it,

    case on the other hand, get one if you want, unless you like your phone like you like your women, NAKED!
    11-25-11 12:23 PM
  6. calicocat2010's Avatar
    Or try this, it just was featured today.

    11-25-11 12:44 PM
  7. Alxis's Avatar
    Or try this, it just was featured today.

    +1. SpeedLock is a great app, I've been using it for a while now. My sister has it on her Torch as well and loves it too.
    11-25-11 11:31 PM
  8. crackcookie's Avatar
    Just get the swipe lock, it is free. It has ads on it but again, it is free and it will stop the over sensitive lock button problem
    11-26-11 12:19 AM
  9. bighap's Avatar
    A sleep case is a good option too. I am partial to the leather pocket pouch. Protects and puts to sleep when inserted.

    BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Bold 9930
    11-26-11 12:29 AM
  10. chasvs's Avatar
    Autolock is a great app. Costs a couple bucks but is add free and does just what you want it to do. No But* dialing ever!
    11-26-11 07:43 AM
  11. iPhoneTHS's Avatar
    Why not just use the "screen lock" - button on the top of the phone - rather than buying an app for that? Save the $3 for something else...
    11-26-11 03:56 PM
  12. jamesbondOO7's Avatar
    I use either the lock button or the slide2open app. In both cases, I have the problem that receiving an email, a message or a phone call makes the keyboard and the touchscreen active for a while and if the phone moves during that time, you are screwed. I think also that when I receive a call in my car on my Parrot handsfree kit, it unlocks the phone. The only safe way is using the case, which is a bore.
    11-26-11 04:57 PM